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LGBTQ People & The Bible

The way that some Christians talk about homosexuality you would be forgiven for thinking that the Bible is full of verses that condemn us but in reality there are only six or so passages that are used to make the case that homosexuality is sinful. The Bible talks a lot more about love, compassion and forgiveness than it does about homosexuality. Jesus didn’t say a single word about it but he did say a lot about people using the scripture to make themselves feel morally superior. Despite this, as a Bible believing Christian I believe that it is important to address those passages.

Much has been said about this issue and as I am not a theologian, I don’t intend to replicate their work, but I have listed some articles that may be helpful to you. I will add to this list as I find useful resources. If you know of something that should be included, please contact us.


Does the Bible Actually Say Anything About Homosexuality?
Rev Dr Jonathan Tallon, Biblical Studies tutor at Northern Baptist College and Research Programme Director and tutor at Luther King House, questions if the Bible actually says anything at all about homosexuality as we know it today.

How And When the Word ‘Homosexual’ First Appeared in the Bible
Kathy Baldock looks at the first time that the word homosexual appeared in the Bible. It was actually much more recently than you’d imagine! This important article is written by someone who has seen the translation notes taken at the time.

LBGT People and the Bible
The Metopolitan Community Church are a Bible believing Christian church that affirms the LGBTQ community. This page briefly examines the so-called ‘clobber’ passages that are often used to condemn homosexuality.

Queer Theology
I don’t really like the term queer as it reminds me of my school days but if you don’t mind it, or can ignore their use of this term (which they use a lot!) this site is an excellent and extensive resource. The email list is well worth joining and the short podcasts are generally excellent.

How I Became Affirming
Christian blogger, writer and Pastor Anna Dimmel talks about her long journey to becoming an LGBTQ affirming Christian.